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The translation project for Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink is officially at 79%! After its’ completion, the team will be working on Brilliant Blue as well. 

They are currently seeking team members; specifically, someone who can replace the original text with the translated text in Brilliant Blue, and someone who can re-insert the scripts for both games. If you can help them out, please let them know here!


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Seiji Goto Bridal Non-Gree Jap App [more Spoilers!]
Goto family moments - The embarrassing childhood tales

Haruka: I am sure MC-chan want to hear some of your childhood tales. 
Seiji: Oi…. MC !?
Haruka: One time we went to the zoo and Seiji started wailing because he was scared of hippos. Also when he was little he would always choke when drinking soda. And then there was the word flamingo, he would call them familingo and didn’t outgrow it until after primary school. And then…
Seiji: Okay can we stop there?
Me: (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA look at his blushing face)
Issei: This is MC-san’s chance to get to know the real oniisan.
Seiji: I will make sure I do the same when it’s your turn to get married. 
Issei: ….

Ah… the love… I can’t get enough of his family!


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The only reason why any of you would download and play this is if you need a kicker from looking at work that is more inferior than yours

I mean… ahem. God that was a long 9 months. x_x We really bombed it big time on this one. This build has only about 50 - 60% of the storyline as those are the only parts that were voiced. Not all the voice files are in, so you’ll hear missing voice clips and inconsistent voice acting as there was no time to QC those. Art isn’t finished either as again, time/budget constraints… the build should be fully functional though.

As I’ve mentioned before, I won’t be picking this project up again, and I’m really sorry about the awful quality of this build. It really sucks to not be able to make a full game twice. ): Live and learn, I guess.

RESOLUTION 1366 x 768 | GENRE Fantasy, slice-of-life | LENGTH ~1h | FEATURES Voice acting, light simulation elements


A big thank you again to everyone who’s supported us so far. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anyone to care. A big thank you to all of my teammates, who worked with me tirelessly through this. And my deepest apologies to teammates and eager players alike.

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perhaps not with that background, though

Spirit Parade is an otome game in development by Lettuce Waltz! Please follow our tumblr for more updates~

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What le meh remembers from Joshua's main route derp

Joshua:You wanna dance
MC:me is commoner
Joshua:bye bitch *walks away*
*Zain appears*
Zain:Lord Michel wants to talk to ya
*talk to them Mike* Mike is such a nice old man = w= *remembers those edited CG's of him* HOLY FUCK WHY *dies*
*random Joshua stands leaning on them wall*
MC:The hell yo stalker
Joshua:Me knew it. You he granddaughter
MC:*facepalm* NO. Me leavin
*At the castle*
Joshua:You no Nobel Michels granddaughter
MC:no. me told ya
*stuff happening*
Joshua:Rice balls?
MC:Rice balls
Joshua:RiCe BalLS
MC:Rice balls...
Joshua:RICE BALLS!!!! *goes attack on rice ball*
Joshua:Yo. Leonardo is coming. he can no see ya K
MC:K…. then what
Joshua:You put on this maid outfit ye.
MC:dafuq *puts it on*
Joshua:look good
MC:the hell
*starts falling for each other which is just super adorable*
MC:wait… me fallen for Joshua?
Joshua:me start fallin for MC?
MC:Me leavin Joshua.
Joshua:no. bby.
MC:bby.. Yes
*Gets abducted by Jan*
*Leonardo appears*
MC:the hell
Blubb blubb shits going down
*the house where they are is on fire*
Joshua:We gotta get outtt
*stuff happening* FEELS AND CUTE LEONARDO <3
*at nobel michel*
Joshua:bby. bby I love you
MC:bby me love you too
Joshua:We marry K? you can only say yes, yes or yes. And silence will be taken as yes.
MC:dafuq you lil shit? but ok. We marry. me love you
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本編 ー 浅倉 雅人

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Anonymous said: hey there ; w ; I'm sorry if you've been asked this before, but do you have any otome games to recommend?


Hey there anon. Actually I’ve not been asked it before. (I don’t seem to get anons for some reason…hm).

Anyway, I’m assuming language isn’t a problem. Also I only play console otome games, I don’t play mobile ones.

  • Chronostacia (PSP) by Otomate x Santuary
    I’ve heard that their previous work Miyako something? I’m not sure, was terrible but don’t worry. Chronostacia is a brilliant (imo) piece of work with stunning backgrounds, a great story (it’s the type that it’ll reveal plot points slowly through the routes, by the time you know everything, the last route will recap every single thing and tie up some more plot points and everything else has some meaning that makes sense) and lovable characters. It may lag the PSP because of the stunning graphics but as long as you install data, it’ll be really smooth.
    My absolute number 1 recommendation. Find someway to play it, it’s practically perfect to me amazing.
  • Snow Bound Land (PSP) by Otomate
    This one isn’t perfect but the characters are lovable. Well sadly otomate didn’t put much that effort into the story but I still think it’s a great game. You’re just gotta get used to almost everyone else disappearing on a route that they’re not the main focus. 
  • Glass Heart Princess & it’s fandisc Platinum (both PSP) by Otomate
    Perfect for those who love short, sweet and a little comical type of Otome game. One of the attractions they marketed was the alternate identities of the characters so this isn’t even really treated as a spoiler in game (also it’s amazingly obvious). Generally contains a lot of light hearted humour. (The Heroine is gorgeous too imo)
  • Black Wolves Saga Last Hope (PSP) There’s also Bloody Nightmare on PC that’s somewhere on the internet. By Otomate x Rejet
    It’s the type that romance isn’t so much sweetness, there’s a lot of plot that isn’t bad, the plot is nicely written. Just be ready to expect some heartache for the characters. Bloody Nightmare is also a lot more…depressing to say the least compared to Last Hope. Not that Last Hope isn’t depressing.
  • Jewellic Nightmare (PSP) by Otomate
    Okay this one isn’t the best out of anything for anything. But it has an interesting concept that I think it’s worth checking out. It’s pretty easy to get attached to the characters as well.
  • Lastly one that isn’t out but I think it’s a great idea to keep an eye on, Reine des Fleurs (Vita) by Otomate.
    It’s looking to be an absolutely stunning game (also the Vita is no slack with graphics I have Hakuouki SSL there so I know how HQ otome games are on the Vita) with an interesting concept. Out of all Otomate’s Vita ventures so far, I’m only really keen on this one. Maybe Trigger Kiss but I’m a little attached to Glass Heart Princess so I might not check that one out.

In other words, out of all the others whether you check those out or not I think Chronostacia is an absolute must.

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Halloween Otome Extras: Fanservice



Fanservice is a series of outtakes of how the Yellow Jumper scene in Day 3 could have went had Miss Archer been a fangirl or less direct.

Like the previous ones it was made using jsVN and can be played right in your browser - no download necessary.

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Holy —- Theo ….. I dont even want to know σ(^_^;)

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M4 site uploaded 4 new Cgs and dialogues of Eru and Aru 

(≧ ▽ ≦) ❤❤❤

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They say the city’s a roost for every bird.

Detective Chirpums is more than happy to disagree with that.  Almost as much as he is downing a bottle of Grackle’s Finest in one sitting.

He’s the city’s best detective.  He’s the city’s only detective.  Because someone had to.

And he’s got a new case.  It’s his only chance at paying rent for the month.  And not unlike too many of his cases, this one comes with a dame in sheep’s clothing.


You can get both the demo and the full game of Detective Chirpums here!  Compatible for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Birds!  Noir!  Puzzles!  Hardboiled lines that never end!  Everything that’s good in the world.  It’s all in this game, which I hope you guys enjoy.

Have fun sleuthing!

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Top page image changed for the Enkeltbillet website. Sample voice and OP vid are also up.


Top page image changed for the Enkeltbillet website. Sample voice and OP vid are also up.

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HAHAHAHAHA Chiaki what are you doing!?lol


HAHAHAHAHA Chiaki what are you doing!?lol

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